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Dancing water


  • Shallow drafted Multi-purpose Tug
  • Clear deck space approx. 40 m2
  • 13 ton Bollard Pull
  • Stable work platform.
  • A-Frame available with 7m plough
  • Ideally for port and coastal towing
  • Crew change up to 12 persons

Name Dancing Water
Type Multi-purpose Tug
Classification 30nm Germanische Lloyd
Flag Dutch (NL)
Owner K&W Schepenverhuur BV
Length o.a. 19.5m
Beam o.a. 6m
Depth 2.1m
Height 6.2m

Speed approx 12 knots
Propulsion Twin screw, fiexd pitsch
Main engines 2x VOLVO PENTA D13
Total Output 1000+ hp
Generator sets 2x HATZ 58 kva
Gas Oil cap. 24 m3
Fresh water cap. 2.5 m3
Dirty Oil cap. 2.0 m3

Towing/Anchor Winch 15 tons
Deck Crane 1x25 Tm.
Comfortable accommodation for 3 persons
All cabins are heated and air-conditioned
All nautical equipment is available on board

Moon pool stands in the middle of the ship
3.30 meter from the front end
De moon pool is 3,40 meter high and sticks with the bottom end under the ship    
Breadth: 550 millimetres
Length:  760 millimetres


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